Exo Race: Information compiled about the Future War Cult, Exos, and the Stranger

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Exo Race: Information compiled about the Future War Cult, Exos, and the Stranger Empty Exo Race: Information compiled about the Future War Cult, Exos, and the Stranger

Post by KingNotix on Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:49 am

This Info Courtesy of :blackbox900
some info from a few different cards, Synopsis:

So as far as I can gather,
Humanity had a "device" which enabled them to see the future or futures. During "The Golden Age" probably and they knew something way off into the future that was bound to cause a problem (darkness most likely). This prompted the creation / use of this Device Lets just call it (The Device). This device enabled them to observe and see into the future.

In 11 of the observed futures The Darkness won (more poetically phrased in the cards^^). 1 or 2 futures where fine, but for the most part things looked grim.
The problem was that humans weren't able to cope with the visions the "Device" gave them, depending on their nature and severity. Some survived, but most died and the program was abandoned until The Future war Cult was Founded By survivors, haunted by what ever they saw.

They Created The Exo, in order to gain more information through this "Device" and in turn prevent the darkness ending life on earth. Human minds were to frail and struggled with what they saw. The Exo however could handle it. They were created for it.

The Future war cult believes that an inevitable war is in the future because they saw a lot of futures at one point. This all happened Pre-collapse.

This is the info from the Grimore Card:
Ghost Fragment: Future War Cult
Subject twenty-two. Admitted to the Inner Circle at 24:00. A promising postulant - I regret to say he performed poorly. He was administered the standard medication but refused to enter the Device.
Aren't people unpredictable? I suppose there'd be no point if they weren't, would there?
He knows to keep silent.
Subject twenty-three entered the Device at 11:00. A clever girl from the Core District; an artist, before she joined the War Cult.
At 11:03 she reported a sensation of floating. At 11:06, a sensation of lights within the darkness of the Device. Between 11:06 and 11:32 she reported these lights variously as white, golden, and blood-red. At 11:32 she reported a sensation of someone taking her hand; a stranger, but also herself. Twelve subjects have reported similar experiences. At 11:33 she reported the sensation we have called "The Opening Of The Veil." The Device recorded temporal displacement of her consciousness to the order of six degrees. At seven she began screaming. Brainscans near-death. Removed from the Device at 11:34.
She believes without question that the Device granted her a vision of the future, and that it was one of utter Darkness. She thanked me for this enlightenment. She says it will make her stronger.
Little Ghost, there in the corner of the Sanctum - I see you blinking. Are you listening? Are y -
The Device at 12:22 and immediately the Device reported displacement of his consciousness. Visions of war and the City in flames. Subject twenty-nine worked the supply channels on the Slip before he joined the War Cult. By 12:27 he was babbling and by
We have applied certain refinements to the Device. Novarro found records of a prototype of the Device at a Golden Age laboratory in Tibet, and Hari's team retrieved what was left of it. We are the first to see it operational in who knows how long. Too many subjects come back damaged. Mad. We are grasping at straws. What do you think, little Ghost? END RECORD
Forty-seven human subjects; eleven report timelines in which the Darkness has already prevailed, thirteen report timelines in which the City has fallen. Twenty-three babbled madness. Hopeless. Trapped.
No wonder the Device was abandoned. The human mind is too weak for it. Too weak to look into the Future, or to understand what it sees.
What the situation calls for, little Ghost, is a better sort of witness.
We found you in pieces in Siberia, and repaired you as well as we could.
What do you say? Are you well enough to travel?

My belief:
This is how the Future War Cult began, They are preparing for the war that is inevitable but they may know way more about whats to come than even The Speaker. The FWC began during The Golden Age. This recording is taken after The Collapse but still by The Future War Cult, my guess is there trying to see further or better understand The Darkness and how to stop it.

Note: The text cut off's is part of the grimore.
Note: The person speaking is viewing the records from before The Collapse, after which The Device had been abandoned.

What I want people to pay attention to is that throughout the text, the conductor of The Trails continuously call the ghost...Little Ghost. Second the end portion mentions another witness, one that the suppose is capable of seeing the future and handling all of the information.

Hint:We found you in pieces in Siberia, and repaired you as well as we could.
What do you say? Are you well enough to travel?

This suggests that this witness is an Exo. The next line in the texts suggests that that The Device at this time (after being abandoned) is capable of Time Travel. This leads me to believe that The Stranger is using this Device to travel through time, which is why she disappears at the end of the final cutscene after giving you the Pulse Rifle which states that it has parts in it which are from the future.

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