Xur, the Queen, and the origin of the Awoken?

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Xur, the Queen, and the origin of the Awoken? Empty Xur, the Queen, and the origin of the Awoken?

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Courtesy of Tut813275

What exactly are The Nine it seems no one really knows...except The Queen.

Ghost Fragment: The Queen
For a while the only lights were the eyes of the Witches tending to the cell. The drone of the soul machines echoed through the prison. Gas billowed and ebbed into the shadows.
She entered. They scurried to their points around her, the method of their arrangement precise. "The Archon Priest has been retired, my Queen," said the Witch to her right.
Far from throne and audience she moved without theater. "Any word of Kaliks Prime?"
"We still sense something among the Anankes." This voice came from behind her. She did not turn to acknowledge it.
For the span of a brief silence she moved between the sealed cells of the Wolf nobility with her Witches in constellation around her.
"More of your brother's Crows have entered the Cauldrons of Rhea." The Witch directly before her spoke with a dry buzz. "The Nine do not approve."
She stopped a moment to study the sealed face of a cell. The cloud of her breath mingled with the slow exhalation of cryonics. "Send them one of our prizes. Something to commemorate our mutual victory."
"And which of your prisoners would you gift?"
If she paused to think it was only for an instant. "Send them Skolas."
"A lovely gesture."
"Mm." She cocked her head as if listening for a frozen heartbeat. "And remind them this: the Crows are mine."

The Queen apparently has some sort of communion with The Nine. She even speaks with an authority in which she tells them The Crows are her Possessions. Also what are the Cauldrons of Rhea

This grimore card speaks on a few theories as to what The Nine could be.

Ghost Fragment: Legends 2
The Nine are survivors of the cis-Jovian colonies who made a compact with an alien force to ensure their own survival.

The Nine are deep-orbit warminds who weathered the Collapse in hardened stealth platforms.

The Nine are ancient leviathan intelligences from the seas of Europa or the hydrocarbon pits of Titan.

The Nine arrived in a mysterious transmission from the direction of the Corona-Borealis supercluster.

The Nine are the firstborn Awoken and their minds now race down the field lines of the Jupiter-Io flux tube.

The Nine are Ghosts who pierced the Deep Black without a ship and meditated on the hissing silence of the heliopause.

The Nine are the aspects of the Darkness, broken by the Traveler's rebuke, working to destroy us from within.

The Nine is a viral language of pure meaning.

The Nine are the shadows left by the annihilation of a transcendent shape, burned into the weft of what is.

From this i get that the Nine are basically everything or could be anything.
Here is Speculation on what these nine theories mean.
Courtesey of: ScarletShinobody
Theories of The Nine Decoded

If you havent been listening to Xur, you will now. he spout many confusing quotes everytime you interacte with him.
What is Xur?
Quotes by Xur:
"My movements are not fully under my own control..is is different for you?"

"There are no birds where I come from the things that fly are like shadows."

"We came up from the dust and burrowed into flesh for warmth and became something new."

"My movements to a significant degree are dependent on planetary alignments."

"What sort of thing are you?"

"There is something inside me that wishes to connect."

"For organic life to prosiest it requires constant adaptation."

"The pull of the outer worlds is so faint here, the sun is so heavy."

"My will is not my own."

"An end is here."

"it is my will to speak to you."

"I hope to be here again."

"Some of these cells in this body began on this world, so strange to return."

"Bodies come and go but the cells remember and if they forget the Nine remember it for us."

"So much light here, I suppose I feel pain."

"So lonely here."


"An end will come...we will be there."

"My function here is to trade...I know this."

"The Nine wish to speak to you."

"I may be here when you return."


"The Awoken did not make a choice...but we did."

"These inner worlds are very strange."

"My movements..are not predictable even to me."

"I am only an Agent, the Nine rule beyond the Joveans."

"I feel a great many consciousnesses impinging on my mind and all of them so small and lonely."

"I am an Agent of the Nine."


"I...cannot endure this place long."

"It is very possible that the Nine will help humanity."

"Speak with me."

"I understood my mission when the Nine put it in me but now I cannot articulate it."

"Each mote of dust tells a story of ancient earth."

"Items belong to the Nine not me."

"If I am here it is the Nine that sent me."

"I do not know what the Nine want with you."

"Some of this bodies ancestors where born on this world but we were greatly changed to live in the outer worlds."

"But it was the Nine that gave us purpose and the Nine that

"I came to the light..perhaps..to understand the light."

"You walk among them."

"I do not fully control my movements."

"Good bye."

"I have told you what I can."

"The deep black is many things but never lonely."

"I think the cells of this body are dying already."

"I have information but I do not know yet if you are the one it is meant for."

"Your traveler has a dark mirror."

"I think it is very possible that I am here to help you."

"we saw the colony fail...not knowing what we saw."

Xur is a vessel to which The Nine can communicate to our world.

The Outer World
The Outer World is either outside our solar system in near the Ort Cloud which may be engulfed in The Darkness or is a different world which is outside our own diminsion and is a mirror to our own. He says The Traveler has a Dark Mirror
could that mean that there is a Darkness equvelent of The Traveler?

With all this information I can speculate that the Nine are in separate dimension so to speak where the world is in complete darkness. I believe they may come from a world that is absorbed in darkness...sole survivors so to speak. Either this or they are awoken who have traveled or are stuck in the alternate universe in which the darkness has annihilated everything.

Origins of The Awoken

If you haven't Read up on Rasputin you should do so. The belief that Rasputin sacrificed humans on Earth so that he could obtain enough life to hurt The Darkness intertwines with The Awoken. Rasputin being the protector of mankind would never let the entire population die so he launched as many ships as he could to ensure that the enough Humans escaped to survive. This is why there is wreckage throughout the solar system, the ships made it "off world" as the call it but something happened, it may have been the bomb that Rasputin launched disguised as a ship, possibly to fend of the darkness or an invading armada. Anyway the survivor of this escape plan became The Awoken and were changed, either by the radiation or effects of the bomb or something else. This may have also been the creation of The Nine since we know that The Awoken and Nine are linked. We know that The Awoken are special...touched by the universe so to speak, they probably have special abilities which would explain why they are ruled by a monarchy and have Witches that commune with The Nine.

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